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Rowan Medicine House Calls

Rowan Medicine House Calls brings your health care provider to your home. We know that going to see patients where they live – in their own home – is good medicine. Our health care team will provide comprehensive, continuing care all in the comfort of the patient’s home. During the home visit, our physicians and nurse practitioners  provide personalized attention to the patient, which is particularly important for patients with chronic illnesses or other health problems, as well as those who have experienced a recent hospitalization.

For more information about our House Calls program and the areas we currently serve, please call 609-704-0106.

The House Calls health care team provides ongoing primary care and follow-up visits to homebound patients. Services include:

  • In-home full medical evaluation
  • Evaluation of daily function
  • Mental status evaluation
  • Routine laboratory tests
  • Evaluation of the home environment for safety
  • Discussion of living arrangements, family support and community services and how to access emergency services, if needed

Rowan Medicine House Calls currently serves communities located in Burlington and Camden Counties. Please call 609-704-0106 for more information.