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On Your Health 2020

  • covid-19 testing for coronavirus in new jersey

    Partners and neighbors in covid-19 testing

    Gloucester County residents’ vehicles have become their personal waiting rooms at the county’s drive-thru COVID-19 testing site at Rowan College of South Jersey-Gloucester. In the last month, hundreds sought the tests provided by Rowan Medicine health professionals.

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  • Women of all ages experience menopause in different ways and at different stages of their lives.

    The menopause mystique: What women need to know — and how to treat symptoms

    Menopause is a topic that’s not discussed as openly as some other health issues, even though half the population goes through it. Women experience menopause in different ways and at different ages, a variance that only adds to the mystique. 

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  • Is your child ill enough to stay home? A pediatrician shares her tips on dealing with sick days.

    Kids not feeling well? Here’s how to know if you should send them to school

    You’re packing lunches while making breakfast, telling your kids to brush their teeth, and all the while juggling getting ready for work yourself. For parents, this familiar balancing act marks the start of most weekday mornings.

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  • To make the most of a doctor’s appointment, it’s best to be thoroughly prepared.

    6 tips for taking an active role in making doctor visits more productive

    Whether it’s a routine checkup or an appointment about a more serious health condition, a trip to the doctor’s office can feel nerve-wracking. Most of us have been in the position, at one point or another, of feeling rushed or not understanding what the doctor is saying.

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