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Rowan Medicine Vaccination Center

Rowan Medicine is a regional COVID-19 vaccination center in South Jersey, providing first, second and booster dose COVID-19 vaccinations at various clinical office locations in Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties.


Currently, the booster is suggested for the following four reasons (updated 9/10/21)

  1. People with organ transplants who are on antirejection medications
  2. People who are on cancer chemotherapy
  3. People with advanced AIDS or untreated HIV disease
  4. People with autoimmune diseases who are taking suppressive medications for it

Please use the navigation below to find available appointments near you.

Atlantic County

Burlington County

Camden County

Gloucester County

Under FDA guidelines, patients who register for the Moderna vaccine must be 18 years of age, or older and patients who register for the Pfizer vaccine must be 12 years of age, or older.

For a full list of open vaccination sites throughout New Jersey, click here


50,000 Vaccinations and Counting!

As Rowan Medicine vaccination operations move from the RowanSOM Academic Center to the Department of Family Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics, we'd like to thank all the student doctors, faculty members, staff, and volunteers that helped us successfully stand up a vaccination center and administer over 50,000 vaccines! RowanSOM was the first medical school in the country that was approved for student doctors to administer the full scope of patient care for Covid-19 vaccinations. Please watch the video below to meet some of the extraordinary people behind the scenes.