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Center for Medical Weight Loss and Metabolic Control

About Dr. Gupta

Dr. Adarsh Gupta is board certified in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine. He has special training in medical weight loss and has helped numerous patients achieve their weight loss goals.

Dr. Gupta firmly believes that, “The only diet that works is the one you can follow, and the one that you can follow is the one that is specially created for you.”

Dr. Gupta’s programs are customized to fit each patient’s needs. By consistently monitoring your body composition and adjusting your program accordingly, we make sure you burn fat – not muscle – so you don’t just lose weight, but have an easier time keeping the weight off.

Weight management is not a diet – weight management is an ongoing, lifetime process that gives you a healthy way to live beyond the weight loss phase. Successful, supervised weight management helps you develop a healthy, enduring change so that you can stop worrying about your next diet and start thinking about enjoying a healthy life.