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IN THE KNOW: Covid-19 vs. The Flu

With the possibility of a ‘twindemic’ looming as we enter the flu season, it’s important to consider the differences between COVID-19 and influenza. This handout from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) helps differentiate these two very similar conditions.

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In Family Medicine, we treat all of our patients like….family. With four offices in Southern New Jersey, we are right around the corner and provide comprehensive healthcare for patients from the age of two to 102. Not only do we offer same-day and weekend appointments, we have on-call resident physicians ready to answer your healthcare questions. Your doctor will help you navigate through many care concerns, including:

  • routine wellness and preventive care appointments
  • diagnosis and treatment planning for a range of diseases and conditions
  • liaison assistance between any other health care providers and specialists you may see
We accept a variety of insurance plans, from commercial to Medicaid, please call us prior to your visit and we can help you determine our participation in your plan. Our offices are diverse, just like our communities, and we proudly offer bilingual services in some of our locations – just ask!

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