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The Osteoporosis Center at Rowan Medicine

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes the structure of bones to deteriorate, which results in decreased bone strength and broken bones. An osteoporosis-related bone break can happen after a minor fall, or even when doing the simplest of things, such as sneezing, coughing or bending over at the waist. Most often, the first – and only – symptom of osteoporosis is a broken bone, resulting in two million breaks attributed to the condition each year. Once a person has broken a bone related to osteoporosis, the risk for another bone break is doubled. 

The good news is that osteoporosis is treatable, and broken bones may be prevented with treatment that includes diet and exercise modifications and medications for certain individuals. Osteoporosis is best diagnosed by a DXA scan, a simple X-ray often performed at a radiology center. The DXA, coupled with a history and physical, will help to determine if you have low bone density and are at risk to break a bone.


Risk Factors for Osteoporosis

There are many factors that could increase your risk for bone loss; the following are a few, which the doctor may discuss.

Women who are:

  • Over age 65 years
  • Past menopause and have:
    • Small frame (weight under 127 pounds)
    • Chronic inflammatory disease and/or take daily steroid medications for inflammatory disease
    • Broken a bone (hip/spine/wrist) after a simple fall
    • A Family history of osteoporosis or broken hips in close relatives
    • Take anti-estrogen medication for treatment of breast cancer

Men who have:

  • Chronic inflammatory disease and/or take steroids for inflammatory disease
  • Treatment with hormone therapy for prostate cancer
  • Broken bones of the hip/spine/wrist with no trauma (simple fall)


About Your Visit

Our goal at the Osteoporosis Center at Rowan Medicine is to maintain bone quality and prevent broken bones. Patients will receive a complete evaluation with a board certified rheumatologist who is an expert in the evaluation and treatment of bone loss and osteoporosis. 

Your visit will include:

  • A complete history and physical exam
  • Education about bone health
  • Discussion of non-drug treatment for bone health
  • Discussion of medications, as appropriate, to treat low bone density/osteoporosis
  • A review and explanation of your DXA (bone density test – done elsewhere prior to your visit)

Further testing may be requested to fully evaluate your bone health.

Call 856-566-7070 to make an appointment in our Stratford office. 

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