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On Your Health

  • a doctor in blue scrubs holds a red valentine heart in their hands

    Love your heart: embracing emotional and physical wellness

    February often evokes thoughts of red roses, chocolates, and love. But February is not just about celebrating romantic love - it’s also American Heart Month, a time to raise awareness about cardiovascular health and emotional well-being.

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  • A wine glass filled with water sits next to a small marquis sign that reads Dry January

    Dry January: a month without alcohol

    January brings a time of resolutions, new goals of self-improvement and a focus on wellness. One popular trend is Dry January, when individuals refrain from drinking alcohol for the entire month and try to reset their habits and prioritize their health. 

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  • An African-American dad makes a healthy meal with his son

    Mastering mindful eating: a recipe for a healthier holiday season

    As the holiday season approaches, the allure of delectable dishes and irresistible treats can often lead to unwanted pounds. We offer expert tips to savor the festive flovors without the guilt. 

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  • a group of runners run on a snowy trail

    Staying active during the winter months: healthy ideas to keep you moving

    As winter sets in, it can be tempting to hibernate indoors, snuggled up by the fireplace and indulging in comfort foods. While a little relaxation is well-deserved, it's essential to stay active during the colder months to maintain your overall health and well-being.

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  • Is your child ill enough to stay home? A pediatrician shares her tips on dealing with sick days.

    Kids not feeling well? Here’s how to know if you should send them to school

    You’re packing lunches while making breakfast, telling your kids to brush their teeth, and all the while juggling getting ready for work yourself. For parents, this familiar balancing act marks the start of most weekday mornings.

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